Zoono GermFree24 vs. Traditional Hand Sanitizer

Not All Hand Sanitizer is Created Equal

It is important to note that not all hand sanitizers are created equal.  For example, did you know that traditional hand sanitizers only work for two minutes at a time?  As soon as it dries on your hands, germs start to form again immediately!


...by safely bonding to your skin and protecting against germs for a full 24 hours.  Nothing on the market can compare:

  • Long lasting
  • Core technology is safe, less toxic than Vitamin C*
  • Moisturization
  • Physically kills germs 


*Toxicity of core technology on an LD50 basis

Long Lasting

24 Hour Protection With One Application a Day

Most hand sanitizers kill germs only while wet on your hands.  This means that to protect against germs all day, you have to constantly re-apply.  The constant reapplication can lead to dry, sensitive skin.  Zoono GermFree24 works by safely bonding to your skin and “physically” killing any germs on the surface so it works even after it has dried.

  • Zoono permanently bonds to the surface and sets up a nano-molecular layer of pins creating a hostile barrier that resembles a “bed of nails” to germs. This physically impales and destroys any germs that come in contact with the Zoono layer
  • GermFree24 bonds safely to the skin and never stops working. It's only through the body’s ability to naturally exfoliate that causes the removal of Zoono
  • Zoono GermFree24 kills 99.99% of germs immediately and protects against germs for 24 hours

Fast Fact: Only 5% of people properly wash their hands long enough to kill infection-causing germs and bacteria


The Core Zoono GermFree24 Technology is Less Toxic Than Vitamin C

What makes Zoono such an amazing innovation is that the core technology is water-based, which means it is fundamentally less toxic than typical hand sanitizers, which are predominantly alcohol based. 

Zoono GermFree24 hand sanitizer uses the only FDA approved active ingredient that is not alcohol based and combines with an antimicrobial barrier technology. This technology creates a barrier that bonds to skin and remains effectively antimicrobial for up to 24 hours. By itself, this is a significant difference from traditional sanitizing technologies and is also less toxic than Vitamin C.*

  • Zoono GermFree24 is less toxic than Vitamin C*
  • With a water-based hand sanitizer there is a lower probability of the product being misused or consumed inadvertently by children or deliberately by persons seeking the intoxication that is available with traditional, alcohol based sanitizers
  • Zoono has been rated “Food Safe” around the world
  • Most alcohol based hand sanitizers can lead to hormone disruption, a weaker immune system, antibiotic resistance, and more due to toxic chemicals

Fast Fact: U.S. poison control centers received 85,000 calls about traditional hand sanitizer exposures among children between 2011 and 2015


*Toxicity of core technology on an LD50 basis


Frequent Application of Traditional Hand Sanitizer Dries Your Hands

Hand sanitizer users tend to apply sanitizer multiple times throughout the day.  While this may seem good and preventative, repetitive use of alcohol-based sanitizer in one day can actually cause skin dermatitis, or dry skin.  The alcohol acts as an antimicrobial agent and evaporates quickly, so there is no wet residue left over.  This quick evaporation is a big factor in hand dryness.  Not only does Zoono GermFree24 act as protection for your hands, it also doubles as a moisturizer for your skin.

  • When applying Zoono GermFree24, your hands will feel silky and smooth, leaving an invisible coating. Germfree 24 acts as a glove, with reapplication unnecessary for 24 hours
  • There are no limitations on how many times you can apply GermFree24, although only once a day is necessary for protection, as it does not wash or rub off
  • Other brand hand sanitizers dry out skin, while Zoono GermFree24 moisturizes skin

Fast Fact: Within only 15 seconds, non-alcoholic hand sanitizers that contain Benzalkonium eliminate 99.99% germs and even improve moisture on the skin

How Zoono Kills Germs

GermFree24 Kills Germs Using BOTH Chemistry and Physics


Zoono GermFree24 is different from traditional hand sanitizers because it doesn't rely on alcohol to kill or dehydrate germs (and your skin). GermFree24 uses an FDA approved, water-based active ingredient to kill germs on contact and keeps killing them long after the product has dried. The antimicrobial barrier technology physically kills germs for up to 24 hours after it has been applied once. Users of GermFree24 enjoy a number of benefits: 

  • Protects against germs for 24 hours
  • It’s safe for you and your family (will not poison a person if consumed)
  • No possibility of bacteria building up an immunity – no microbial mutation contributing to Super Bugs
  • Won’t dry your hands like other hand sanitizers

Fast Fact: 10% of your body’s dry weight is pure bacteria

"This past year, when that dangerous flu, h2n3, was going around, it seemed like every kid in my son's school caught it. Except for my son.  I used this religiously on him and we all dodged that bullet. Not to mention I hated constantly having to tell him to wash his hands. With Zoono it was no longer a problem.  I swear by this stuff.  Thank you, Zoono!!!"

Michelle M. Facebook

"Being a nurse practitioner, cancer patient and immune compromised, I am thrilled about this product for me and my family! The viruses this year are terrible, trust me! Anything to prevent us from getting sick... And germy hands are the number 1 culprit. Wish I knew about this product sooner."


Carmen Little Silver, NJ

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